Friday, November 2, 2012

Odds and Ends

 Ginger - Niece's cat (Jamie)
 Waterfall at Bear's Mill
 Sylair and Kalam eating popcorn at the waterfall.
 Pretty trees at the Greenville Park
 Weed in our garden
 Another weed in our garden
 Danny Livingston getting his corn in before the rain.
Little old cemetery on Hwy. 49 by railroad tracks


A street Scene - Superstorm Sandy 

Orange - Pumpkins 

Black - my tablet 

 Halloween/Fall - On my way to Hartford City, IN
 Dressed-UP - Jan and Becky dancing to the waltz
 Hot Beverage - My creamer with coffee :-)
 Free - Bear's Mill walking the trail
 Leaves - Bear's Mill
 Apples - applesauce from the lawn mower. lol
Bare Tree Branches

Monday, October 1, 2012


 Contrast - nice houses except for this one.
 Sign of the Times - Ethanol Plant
 Something that makes you think "WOW" - This is a cake!!!
 Free - Bald Eagle just down from where I live!!!
 Harvest - Farmer bringing in his corn.
 Free - Pretty long horn bull on Hwy. 227
 Golden - Loved the colors of yellow and blue.
 Unusual Perspective - How my granddaughter can do that!!!
 Texture - The rocks and wood chips are rough.  Samson is very smooth.
Weather - Heading up North.

Monday, September 3, 2012


 Out of Reach - apple tree in our back yard.
 Triangle - lol
 Wet - Lots of rain hitting the road!
 Night - not dark enough.
 Nature - Flowers finally blooming this year.
 Statue - Doug's sister got these for him.....ugly
 Heat - Finally lifted the fire bann.
 Back to school - Go UCCHS
 Music - my favorite Hymn I played at church.
Favorite Shot - Storm finally from Hurricane Issac

Saturday, August 4, 2012


 Crazy Hair - dried my hair

 Celebration - Bremen, OH seeing family

 Patriotic - Flag in our front yard

 Watermelon - didn't last long

 White - Grass wasn't growing but the weeds were!

 Bug - (green stick) Praying Mantis, baby

 Frozen - Ice Cream, Yummy

 Lines - lounge chair

 Beginning - road trip to see family

Free - 1913 church North of Redkey, IN Hwy 1

Sunday, July 1, 2012


 Endings - Sunset at the end of another hot day!

 Free - Hairy Woodpecker. They make a "puirr, puirr" sound

 Flag - Sparta Cemetery, IN

 Trip - Kentucky Speedway!!!

 Clouds - Beautiful

 Blue - Parked at Sham's in Union City, OH

 Sports/Games - NASCAR BABY!!! lol

 Summer Food - Grilled Talapia and Veggies

 Accident - Barn collapsing, accident waiting to happen.

Water - Irrigation up near Elkhart, IN