Friday, April 27, 2012

Twins- Spring Music Showcase - "Elvis"

 Sylairs - gray poodle skirt with white sweater and shirt

 Kalam - Pink scarf, gray skirt and white sweater

 Kalam - pink scarf, dancing

 Sylairs - yellow scarf, dancing

 Kalam and Sylaris with the "Elvis lip"

 Kali and Syli

 Bella, Kali, Syli, and Christina

 Kali, Camden, and Syli

Sylaris and Kalam, love the poodle skirts


 Something Yellow

 Easter dresses

 Looking UP

 Flowers - at our church

Out of Place - Robin's nest on our deck

 Glass - Stained glass at our church


 Circle - rings of a trees life.

 Breakfast - creamer with coffee

Fancy - wood design at church

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

 Sunset out our front porch

 Red King Maple starting to bloom.

 The girls helping Grandpa plant tators!!!

 Sylaris and Zippi relaxing. Zippi loves her ears being rubbed.

 Pretty clouds

 Farmer hard at work in his fields

 Old school house on Hwy 47 ( Doug took this for me while I was driving).

Natural Gas Pump on our way to Wendelin Tavern

Saturday, April 7, 2012

 On our way up to Mercer County to Wendelin for a bite to eat.
 I got Doug this tri pod for Christmas and he is cooking chili.
 Sunflowers that we are growing in our back yard last Summer 2011.

 Duck or Goose at the Greenville park.

 Port Clinton, Walleye fishing.  Sunset on the lake

 Back country road

 Love living in the country. Most of these photos right out my front door.

 As you can probably tell I have a thing for clouds.

This picture was taken out in our backyard.