Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January's photo list

                      Indoor Play - Sylaris & Kalam

Stacks of Winter Clothing - Some of my Winter Shoes

First of the New Year - My new book I'm reading

Winter Weather - Snow on our deck

Snuggling - Zippi, Sassy & Mom (Doug took this pic)

Bowl of Soup/ Winter Food - Chili, what's left of it anyway

Cleaning - Storage room that needs cleaned badly
Photo's I didn't get:  Snowman, Sledding, and Bundled Up



  1. You got it!!! Good Job!!! Now you can post pictures all the time too! These are nice Kim! The favorite is the mostly empty chili bowl.

  2. Thank you Shannie. I had a lot of fun thinking of what I wanted to take and how I wanted to take the pictures. Poor Doug, he came home for lunch and here I am taking pictures while he is trying to eat. lol Very good idea on doing this, thank you for taking the time and putting this together. Kim